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Fibremach project is developed by an international consortiums of technology companies.​

The image below shows the contribution of each company and below there is a brief presentation of those companies

Aldakin Automation S.L.

System integrator of the consortium. Aldakin Group is a group of companies founded in 1986 to be a reference in the sector of developers of robotic and automation solutions for the manufacturing industry. The main activities of the group are industrial robotics, collaborative robotics, the automation of industrial processes using artificial vision (2D and 3D), programming and maintenance of PLC'S, machinery retrofitting, and robotics for medicine and health sector. Their main objective is to offer a comprehensive service, from the design and automation of the processes to the installation and maintenance of the developed systems. 

IDEKO is an industry driven Spanish Tecnological Centre, specialised in machine tools with the aim to promote technological innovation of its customers. It is part of DANOBAT Group machine tool builder and Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa (MCC) industrial group. Founded in 1986, with near 120 highly qualified engineers with proven experience in the sector, IDEKO has the skills to understand, assimilate and develop new technological solutions, with a clear orientation towards the development of new products and the improvement of production processes.

Peron Speed International

Peron Speed International (PERON) is a company, owned by Massimiliano Peron and Giacomo Peron, specialised in the design, manufacturing and commercialisation of high speed spindles for milling and grinding applications. It is a family owned and managed company, with a staff of 42 professionals, and based in Livorno-Ferraris, near Turin in northern Italy. PERON manufactures milling electrospindles, grinding electrospindles, special square section spindles, portable milling electrospindles, high-speed heads for planetary grinding operations and mechanical belt driven spindles. 

Facet Precission Tool GmbH

Facet Precision Tools (FACET) is a manufacturer of special cutting tools, with a special focus on composite machining, created by professionals with more than 25 years of experience and who hold several patents for the design of cutting tools. FACET was organized to provide innovative cutting tool solutions for industrial applications, cutting tools that increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve work piece quality. The company is pioneer in the science of sintering and manufacturing of PCD, or synthetic diamond, with a deep knowhow in the design and manufacture of innovative PCD cutting tools far beyond what is generally available in the industry. 

Aernnova Aerospace S.A.U.​

Aernnova Aeroespace (AERNNOVA) is a leading aerostructure company specialized in the design and manufacturing of aerostructures and components such as empennages, wings and fuselage sections. With revenues over 650 million euros, AERNNOVA is the first aerostructures manufacturer in Spain and the 10th worldwide. With strong capacities, capabilities and track record in engineering, manufacturing and program management, AERNNOVA contributes with cost efficient and reliable solutions to its customers through a flexible scope of activities performed by specialized and globalized business units for Engineering, Composites, Metallic Components and Product Support. AERNNOVA assumes full responsibility of the programs over the Product Life Cycle: From conceptual and detail design, testing & certification to serial production and in service support. 

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