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FIBREMACH is presented on the European Robotics Forum celebrated in Rotterdam on June 2022.

FIBREMACH is presented on the CIRP2022 conference in Bilbao.

Link to the conference's website.

FIBREMACH is present on AMB2022 celebrated on Stuttgart. It is the International Exhibition for Metalworking. Is the leading industry trade fair in the even years and is among the top 5 shows worldwide for the machining technology

FIBREMACH is published on a Spanish enterprise magazine.

Link to the publication.

FIBREMACH project is increasing the accuracy of industrial robots with the use of camera systems. A self-calibration solution has been proposed at 3DM Congress in Aachen, Germany, by FIBREMACH project partner IDEKO.
Link to the conference's website

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FIBREMACH project shown on TRANSFIERE forum 2023, the main R&D&I meeting in Southern Europe to share scientific and technological knowledge, promote innovation and connect science and business.

FIBREMACH project is presented on the European Robotics Forum held in odense from march 14 to 17.

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FIBREMACH project is presented on the Digital Manufacturing Industrial Summit on Valencia from April 25 to 28.

Successful tests of the internal suction system in real environment simulations

During the month of September, tests were carried out on the efficiency of the FIBREMACH solution suction system.

The purpose of these tests was to measure how many chemical contaminants (carbon fiber) a worker would be exposed to on average during an 8-hour shift.

Machining tests were carried out by performing robot passes of 15 minutes each on carbon fiber parts.


The result of the measurements was as expected. With the internal aspiration system activated, the number of fibers analyzed in the air was below the minimum limit established by the regulations.

It is concluded that the use of the proposed aspiration system is adequate to ensure the safety of operators in a real environment.


Repeating the tests with the suction system deactivated, i.e. with the dust and fibers exiting as they would in any machining process without suction, dangerous amounts of fiber and dust are detected in the environment.


The results of all these tests confirm that FIBREMACH is a safe robotic machining solution for composites that respects the health of workers.

FIBREMACH final testing meeting.

ALDAKIN, in collaboration with DANOBAT, participated in JEC World, the premier trade fair for the composite materials industry, showcasing the innovative solutions developed within the Fibremach project

Ibai Inziarte from ALDAKIN interviewed about FIBREMACH project during JEC 2023 in Paris

Ibai Inziarte, Coordinator of the Fibremach project, took part in the conference “Redefining Manufacturing: Showcasing EU-Funded Initiatives in Agile Production”, where, among other solutions, the main challenges and results of the Fibremach project were explained

XXIV National Congress of Mechanical Engineering


The Spanish Association of Mechanical Engineering celebrated its XXIV National Congress of Mechanical Engineering on October 26 at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. At this congress, our colleague Nora Aguirre Jaca was awarded the prize for applied research for her doctoral work, "Improving the precision of positioning of robotic cells in machining applications”.

3DMC 2023: IDEKO organized the 3DMC International Congress, during which Ibai Inziarte, the coordinator of the Fibremach project, presented the success story of replacing conventional milling machines with a secure, precise, and cost-effective robotic system for machining composite materials

CECIMO – MIT Awards 2023


The first edition of the Machine Tools Innovation (MTI) Awards took place during the CECIMO Brussels Forum. In collaboration with esteemed partners, EIT Manufacturing, European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and European Round Table for Industry (ERT), the MTI Awards aim to spotlight notable contributions within the machine tool sector and showcase best practices that can provide that edge - boosting productivity, growth and profitability.











The top three finalists of the MTI Awards 2023 were:

  • Ibai Inziarte, Director of Innovation, Aldakin Automation S.L. Project title: Eliminating human exposure to potentially carcinogenic dust and increasing robot performance in machining of composite parts

  • Philipp Humbeck, R&D Management, Equipment-as-a-Service and Performance Services, TRUMPF Project title: Remote Operations for equipment as a Service

  • Alexander Schuster, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU Project title: smartTOOL – energy selfsufficient, sensory tool holder for process monitoring

The winner of the 2023 MTI Awards was Aldakin Automation S.L. represented by Mr Ibai Inziarte, for their exceptional project on “Eliminating human exposure to potentially carcinogenic dust and increasing robot performance in machining of composite parts”.

Ibai Inziarte: "European manufacturing companies need to increase their production flexibility since in an everyday basis new composite parts are being designed for products as diverse as aircrafts, automobiles and consumer goods. Currently used milling machines are not suited for that flexibility. Current robotic solutions don’t meet the accuracy requirements (+/- 0.25mm) of composite parts in sectors such as aerospace, wind power and automotive that are gaining momentum in the EU Green Deal for transport optimization, electrification and clean energy generation.


Moreover, EU composite manufacturing industry is extremely concerned with the dust generated during composite machining due to the potential cancer risk related to the breathing of fibres and resin, and severe health issues on skin, eyes, lungs and liver. In an industry survey on carbon fibre machining 81% of respondents agreed that there is “very high” or “high” need for new actions in order to extract dust from the working area.


In this context the product of Aldakin answers the needs of EU composite part manufacturers and the European Commisions' trends in Advanced Manufacturing Key Enabling Technology for cleaner processes and to increase the competitiveness of the EU industry by proposing a robotic system that will disrupt current state of the art of composite machining including an internal dust suction system (98% suction) for improved health and safety conditions by minimizing the exposure of humans to dust with fibres and resins, reduced energy consumption (22% less), increased performance (3 times more accurate than current robot systems) and continuous process monitoring and control for “right the first time” machining, while being significantly cheaper than milling machines".

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